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We introduce and implement environmentally friendly solutions for the communities which focus on eco-construction, planting bamboo as eco-friendly solution used for construction and our teams emphasize sustainable tourism operations.


It's a unique opportunity which focuses on the prevention of waste, direct clean-up action, and explores creative opportunities for reusing, repurposing and recycling plastics. With a particular emphasis on Eco bricking and opportunities for recycling plastic, volunteers will work closely with local communities to help clean-ups and use plastic bottles and discarded rubbish to create bricks that can be used to build vital structures.


  • - Sustainable construction using eco-friendly materials as mud, stones, wood

  • - New designs as tree houses

  • - Recycled materials

  • - Landscaping in gardens

  • - Solar product interior designs

  • - Developing and designing composting dry toilets, composters, grey water systems and similar eco solutions

  • - Eco bricking and other similar solutions

The Benefits

  • Support local teachers at community pre-schools, empowering them with skills to better educate their students on the impact of litter and plastic on the environment
  • Build awareness/threats of plastic pollution in the villages by educating adults and children on the issue of waste and its impact on health, wildlife and the wider environment
  • Get creative and entrepreneurial by helping turn waste and plastic into income-generating initiatives for local communities
  • Help reduce waste and the impact of plastic by creating Eco bricks that can then be used to build sustainable structures for the local community
  • If you're up for it, you can even get involved in building/renovating schools using Eco bricks!


We work with our partners to engage our volunteers in meaningful individual and group projects.


We are a social enterprise that takes the youth to volunteer abroad, to places where they will fall silently into their thoughts, reflecting things they never imagined before.

They will see things that may break their hearts or make them feel more appreciative of the things they didn’t notice before.

They may begin to disregard what anyone else thinks or feels about them in this place because they will realize that life has many secrets that they have not unlocked yet.

To travel is to invest in yourself. It is one of the only things you can purchase that truly makes you richer, and we do not mean in monetary value.

IV has a dream – though it may be extreme. We hope that the youth of our society becomes enlightened, through travel and new experiences. Enlightened and inspired enough to come back to Oman, throw the word “bored” out the window, and start to make a change in this world.

We want to inspire people to seek out their passion and their talent and to chase that dream down, capture it, and make it a reality.

You can either join our community in Oman, where we will do a lot of activities, events and meetings to try to change the world!

Or you can just subscribe to our website or follow us in Instagram and wait for our announcements for our future volunteering trip and be part of it.

If you decide to join us, we promise your life will never be the same again!